...the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.    Acts 20:24 


An Introduction to the Work

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.  It is a privilege to be able to serve the Lord and encourage the brethren, and I trust the information you find here will help you to understand the call of God in our lives.  

Please pray for us as we relocate to Washington D.C. to labor alongside the Brad Wells family at GraceWay Baptist Church on Capitol Hill.  As a new church plant, God has put our two families together to engage in this very unique work in the heart of our nation's capital.

It is our desire to encourage and equip the saints, as well as to seek further open doors to reach our Nation and this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Washington, D.C. is the doorway into every facet of the United States, politically, militarily and economically, and we are thrilled to be sent here to be co-laborers in this lighthouse on the Hill.

About Tom Gonderman

Tom Gonderman is a pastor, raised in Eastern Washington.  He was saved at an early age, and after college he served as both a police officer and a firefighter/EMT in Washington State.  During this time he married his wife Heidi.  God called him to preach a few years later, and the Gondermans went to Australia to serve as missionaries in 2003.

Bro. Tom pastored the Southland Baptist Church in Sydney for eight years.  During his time as the pastor, God gave him the privilege and opportunity to travel extensively to many mission fields and help in the establishing of new churches, as well as encouraging pastors and equipping young men for the ministry.    One of the great privileges of his life has been to be a help to men of God, to counsel and encourage them, and to enter into their labor for the Lord.  Upon their return to the United States, Tom served as the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Connell, Washington for two years.

Bro. Tom has a strong desire to help and equip believers, and as a pastor, understands the needs of a new and growing local church ministry.  

Our Faith

  • In the Bible, the Authorized KJV, as the Infallible, Inspired, Perfectly Preserved Word of God
  • In the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • In the Virgin Birth, Substitutionary Atonement, and Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • In Salvation by Grace through Faith
  • In the literal return of Jesus Christ in the air for His saints
  • In a literal Hell for the lost and a literal Heaven for the saved
  • In the local church as God's ordained institution for carrying out His plan in this world.

Our Recommendations

The Gondermans are doing a wonderful work in this nation of ours. - Pastor in New Jersey

Our nation is in need of revival and laborers. Thank the Lord for the work the Gondermans are doing. - Pastor in Texas

Our Ministry Presentation Video

Our Ministry and the Call of God

In 2003 the Gonderman family moved to Sydney, Australia, to begin the work God set before them as missionaries. In 2006 Bro. Tom was led to pastor Southland Baptist Church and did so for eight years.  As time passed, the Lord impressed on Tom that he was to transition out of that work back to the United States.  This took place at the end of 2014, when their family returned to Washington State.  During the following two years they waited for the Lord to reveal His timing and direction for the next stage of ministry.  During this time, Bro. Tom pastored a church in southeastern Washington.

While in Sydney the Gonderman's were introduced to the Brad Wells family serving in Papua New Guinea, and became friends and ministry partners.  At that time the two families began talking and praying about working together in future ministry.  In 2014, God redirected the Wells family to start GraceWay Baptist Church on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. which launched in January of 2015.  After the past two years of specific prayer, the Lord has confirmed His call for the Gondermans to relocate to our nations capital and work alongside of the Wells family in this unique mission field called Capitol Hill.

The opportunities for outreach are far larger than one man can manage, and  the two families have sought the Lord about His leadership in being co-laborers in this needy field.  The Lord has repeatedly confirmed this calling by the truth of His Word:

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour."               Ecclesiastes 4:9

There are three distinct ministries that the Lord has opened at GraceWay in which the Gonderman's will labor:

  1. The first involves the Marines located at Marine Barracks Washington. God has given access into the Barracks, not just for door-to-door soul-winning, but also Bible studies with the Marines inside the Barracks.  Doors have already been opened into the military community here, and there are specific areas of military ministry that have begun to bear real fruit.
  2. The second ministry includes the suburb of Capitol Hill.  This community of more than 70,000 surrounds our nations capital, and is growing and expanding rapidly.  The church is located within this community, nine blocks from the Capital building.  Many of our nations leaders and staff live in this community, but there are many long-term residents here from every walk of life.
  3. The third ministry involves the in-reach into Congress.  There is not only a great need but also a great opportunity for reaching into the offices of our Legislature, and God has been providing consistent openings to influence members and their staff.

After three years of praying and waiting for the Lord, the time has come to make definite preparations to relocate and enlist in the work there.  The Gondermans are starting the deputation process again, but this time as fellow-laborers, sent from GraceWay into the harvest field on Capitol Hill .

In January, 2017, they began the process of seeking financial support for this mission work, although it is their goal to become self-supporting.

Heidi’s Testimony


Heidi Gonderman was raised in a Christian home in eastern Washington and was saved at an early age.   She grew up on horseback, living in the country, but willingly went to the mission field and served the Lord alongside of her husband.  Over the years God blessed her with five wonderful children; one girl and four boys.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and for the following year she underwent surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Although a very difficult year for her personally, the Lord showed favor and helped her through the trial of not only dealing with cancer, but going through it with her children watching her. 

Heidi has a sweet and gentle spirit, and has been asked to teach ladies meetings and Sunday School classes about faith and resting in God.  She is a gifted counselor, and has helped many ladies in their personal lives and marriages.

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